Billerr, Billing made Easy!

Billerr is swift in processing transactions which means the billing at your store is done fast and easy. Plus it’s the last product you need for your Business Automation. It keeps your bills, tells you when to re-stock and even does accounting for you. Billerr also comes with its own hardware which are easy and efficient to use. Get notifications on mobile devices and even make transactions. You can also accept payments via cash, card and Cashless portals also . All this with few simple touches. How easy is that?

Be done with paperwork and bills, Go Automated & be future ready!

Billerr makes it easy to be future ready with high-end automation and complete support for the cashless movement.

  • Intelligent

    Billerr is one of a kind. It does all the work and data processing, so you just have to make those important decisions.

  • Super tidy

    Billerr keeps all the numbers and information all segregated. Access any particular section an everything's ready for you.

  • Security

    Your data security is our number one priority. Billerr is programmed to be a tough one and impossible for break-Ins.

  • Support

    Because Your queries and comfort relating the product is our utmost importance with Advanced Product training & 24*7 ticket support.

Billerr Point of Sale System

Billerr, the only thing missing in your business to make it big. Get Billerr and manage every aspect of billing on a single platform


Get our software to simplify the cumbersome process of billing and daily Transactions. Feed all your inventory details into the system and watch all the process get simplified and automated. Billerr also comes with a host of other features too! Accept all modes of payment and go completely cashless without much hassle!

Billerr mini-POS hardwares

Setting up a retail shop or upgrading your Billing Desk? We’ve got you covered. Billerr’s new MINI POS devices are compact and are as powerful. Assured reliability from the integrated Billerr software and the heavy duty hardware is just the thing for you.


Now use Billerr the same way you used on a bigger POS machine, but now saving a lot of space!

The Best Solution For Your Business

  • Simple

    • Our Billerr System is so intuitive and user-friendly that you and your staffs will be experts in no time at all!

  • Powerful

    • Billerr offers enterprise-grade Cloud System that is ideal for any Business of any size and powerful enough for the harshest environments.

  • Reliable

    • We build Billerr systems that provide a very low total cost of ownership and have long life expectancies, protecting you in the long term.

  • Affordable

    • The low TCO combines with free upgrades and improved productivity and accuracy to make our Billerr systems affordable for any Business.